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¿Cuantas Bar tiene un libra por pulgada cuadrada? ¿A cuanto equivale 29 libras por pulgada cuadrada? ¿1 psi cuantos bar son? ¿Quanto mide 29 libras por pulgada cuadrada en Bar? ¿Como convertir libras por pulgada cuadrada. Bar to psi pound per square inch converter and conversion table to find out how many psi in bar. Home Area Cooking Length Pressure Clothing & Shoes Size Temperature Volume Weight ≡ Home Contact ≡. ¿A cuanto equivale 29 bars? ¿Cómo pasar de Bar a libras por pulgada cuadrada. 29 bars a psi. Formula para convertir Bar a libras por pulgada cuadrada Para transformar Bar a libras por pulgada cuadrada, basta utilizar la fórmula de conversión a continuación. 29 psi = 1.9994796112 bar Existem 1,999 Bar em 29 libras por polegada quadrada. Para transformar qualquer valor de libras por polegada quadrada para Bar, basta multiplicar o valor em libras por polegada quadrada pelo fator multiplicador, conhecido também como fator de conversão, 0,06895. anglosaskich funtach na cal kwadratowy psi; 1 atm = 14,696 psi. Większość ludzi przyswoiła sobie jedną z tych jednostek i nią się posługuje, nie "czując" innych. Ja np. przyzwyczaiłem się do tych nieszczęsnych funtów i wiem, że w teren pompuję opony do 35 psi, ale ile to jest atmosfer

Bar to Psi Tire Pressure Conversion Chart Bar to psi pressure unit conversion chart, convert bar tire pressure to psi tire pressure. Convert bar to kPa. 6.1 bar 88.47 psi 6.2 bar 89.92 psi 6.3 bar 91.37 psi 6.4 bar 92.82 psi 6.5 bar 94. PSI Gauge to Bar Conversion PSIG: PSI Bar: PSI Gauge is the pressure from gauge, it equals PSI Absolute1 atmosphere pressure. Suppose at the sea level, the atmosphere pressure is standard atmosphere, which is. 2019/08/26 · Measure your car tyre pressure with our free BAR to PSI tyre air-pressure conversion calculator, and BAR to PSI conversion table with formula, from the experts at Which?. We use cookies to allow us and selected partners tohere. 水銀柱インチ(すいぎんちゅうインチ、記号:inHg[1])は、ヤード・ポンド法の圧力の単位である。 日本では、いくつかの例外的な場合(ヤード・ポンド法日本における使用)を除き、計量法第8条により「取引又は証明」に使用する.

Pressure unit conversion between bar and psi, psi to bar conversion in batch, Bar psi conversion chart. Note: Fill in one box to get results in the other box by clicking "Calculate" button. Data should be separated in coma. Psi to Bar Pressure Conversion Chart Psi to bar pressure unit conversion chart, convert psi tire pressure to bar tire pressure. Convert psi to kPa. 91 psi 6.27 bar 92 psi 6.34 bar 93 psi 6.41 bar 94 psi 6.48 bar 95 psi 6.55 bar 96 psi. 0.00 psi 1 bar 14.50 psi 2 bar 29.01 psi 3 bar 43.51 psi 4 bar 58.02 psi 5 bar 72.52 psi 6 bar 87.02 psi 7 bar 101.53 psi 8 bar 116.03 psi 9 bar 130.53 psi 10 bar 145.04 psi 11 bar 159.54 psi 12 bar 174.05 psi 13 bar 188.55 psi 14. One PSI equals to 0.0689475729 Bar, so if you have a car that requires 30 PSI for tyre pressure you multiply thirty per 0.0689475729 and you get around 2.07 Bars. How to convert PSI to kPa Now that you know that one Bar.

Convert tyre air pressure from pounds force per square inch psi to bar & kilopascal kPa units, and vice versa for car, cycle, lorry, truck or an aircraft pneumatic tyre. Alternatively you can download the pdf version of this tyre pressure. 圧力換算 1kPa=何bar等色々な圧力を換算します 数入力 元の単位選択. BAR to PSI to kPa Calculator. Tyre Pressure Converter. BAR is a measure of pressure. 1 bar = approximately 14.5038 psi which equates to the average atmospheric pressure at sea level. Please note: You are using this tool at your. Convert Bar to pound-force per square inch. bar to psi to bar, pressure converter, calculator, tool online. Formula and explanation, conversion. bar to psi to bar, pressure converter, calculator, tool online.

  1. 29 psi to bar conversion result above is displayed in three different forms: as a decimal which could be rounded, in scientific notation scientific form, standard index form or standard form in the United Kingdom and as a fraction.
  2. Looking to find what is 29 Psi in Ksi? Want to convert 29 Psi units to Ksi units? Using a simple formula, 29 Psi units are equal to 0.029000 Ksi units. Want to convert 29 Psi into other Psi units? 29 Psi to Bar 29 Psi to Mpsi Psi, Ksi.

Measure and record pressure in bar, mbar, psi, MPa, Pa, mH2O, mmHg, atm or kg/cm2 using this USB Pressure Sensor and Logging Kit with your computer Pressure Sensor Specifier Select your pressure sensor requirements. PSI BAR KPA PSI BAR KPA PSI BAR KPA 10 0.7 70 29 2.0 200 48 3.3 330 11 0.8 80 30 2.1 210 49 3.4 340 12 0.8 80 31 2.1 210 50 3.4 340 13 0.9 90 32 2.2 220 51 3.5 350 14 1.0 100 33 2.3 230 52 3.6 360 15 1.0 100 34 2.3 230. 重量ポンド毎平方インチ からバール への換算ツール オンラインツールで バール bar を psi に簡単に換算。バール から への換算方法 とても簡単なツールです。換算したい数値を入力 バール 単位 し「換算」をクリック. イプロスモノシリはエンジニアの技術計算が簡単にできる圧力の単位換算ツールを提供、有効数字の設定もでき.

Pressure is defined as force per unit of area. If the same force is applied to two areas, a smaller and a larger one, the pressure would be greater for the smaller area. You will probably agree that it is less scary to be stepped on by. Bars to Pounds per square inch. Convert between the units bar → psi or see the conversion table. Convert from Bars to Pounds per square inch. Type in the amount you want to convert and press the Convert button. Belongs in.

Online calculator to convert pounds per square inch to bars psi to bar with formulas, examples, and tables. Our conversions provide a quick and easy way to convert between Pressure units. 標準気圧(ひょうじゅんきあつ、英語: atmosphere、standard atmosphere)は大気圧の国際基準となる値であり、7005101325000000000♠101325パスカルである。 日本の計量法体系では、「標準気圧」の語を用いず、単に「気圧」として圧力の単位として.

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